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Used Moving Box Collection Service

Thanks for considering Box-Go-Round for your used moving box collection service. Reuse is the most efficient form of recycling, and it's the best way to dispose of your moving boxes after you unpack. I am happy that you are considering being a part of the program.

I'm not going to bother you with the facts about how much cardboard is in our landfills. The numbers would be as meaningless and incomprehensible as hearing the distance to the moon in inches, or the temperature of the sun. Let's just say that there is a lot of waste, and one easy way to combat it is by keeping those moving boxes in use until their useful life has come to an end, and then properly recycling them.

Everyone's small role in recycling and waste reduction adds up to a big difference.


There are two ways to transfer your used boxes to Box-Go-Round:

  • If you have 30 or more moving boxes, you can call to schedule a time for Box-Go-Round to come to your location and pick up the boxes. Because of the time and fuel involved in going to your location, we do not provide compensation for the boxes if we pick them up from you. See our detailed pick-up requirements below.
  • No matter how many boxes you have, you can call us to schedule a time to meet us at our warehouse to drop them off. If you bring the boxes to us, we will pay you according to the following rates for the ones that meet our quality requirements for resale:
Box Type

Used Buy-Back Price
When Brought To Warehouse

Dish Pack
$ 0.30
Extra Large
$ 0.20
$ 0.20
$ 0.20
$ 0.10
Wardrobe w/o Bar
$ 0.50
Wardrobe Bar
$ 0.25
$ 0.10 per piece

Our Free Pick-Up Service includes:

  • A courtesy reminder call the day before the pick-up.
  • Another call 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to our arrival at your location.
  • Complimentary hauling of damaged, torn, and dirty boxes to your curb for city-recycling service.
  • Full refunds for new, unused, undamaged moving boxes and other packing supplies that were purchased from us within the past 90 days, as long as the return does not result in the total initial order cost going below $100. No refunds are given for used boxes.


Pick-Up Requirements and Box Preparation
Flattened Moving Box

  • Boxes must be broken down (flat) by cutting the tape. Do not remove the tape.
  • There must be at least 30 usable boxes. Smaller pick-ups will be considered if we will be in the area on a day that is convenient for you. If you do not have 30 or more boxes, you can drop them off at our warehouse by appointment.
  • Boxes must be professional moving boxes, not retail product boxes. Moving boxes are typically plain brown, and they sometimes have moving brand names on them, such as Allied, United, U-Haul, or AAA Storage, to name a few.
  • Place the boxes either in the garage or near the most convenient entry point of the house. Boxes may be left outside (close to the house, not the street) if you will not be able to be home, and if no rain is in the forecast (but put something heavy on top of them so they don't blow away).
  • If possible, please organize the boxes by size.
  • Leave the old tape on boxes (to prevent tearing).
  • Packing paper must be rolled-up into 2 to 5 lb rolls and taped (imagine 2 half-empty rolls of paper towels stacked on top of one another). NO BALLED-UP PAPER WILL BE ACCEPTED, even if it is bagged or boxed.
  • Tape, paper and cloth moving pads, unused plastic wrap, and other moving supplies are also accepted.

We will not take:

  • Boxes that have stains from food, chemicals, dirt, or liquids, including water.
  • Boxes that deviate substantially from the shapes and sizes that we sell (see Products and Prices).
  • Boxes that were used for retail marketing or that display brand-names and product advertising unrelated to the moving industry. Some exceptions are occasionally made if a box is high enough quality and close enough to our standard sizing. Please discuss any concerns about box type when you call to schedule the pick-up.
  • Boxes that came from a liquor store or grocery store.
  • Boxes that have an unpleasant, noticeable odor.
  • Boxes that have non-factory tears or creases.
  • Boxes that appear to have been crushed.
  • Boxes that are missing a large layer of the cardboard (usually happens if tape is taken off).
  • Newspaper.
  • Balled-up paper.
  • Trash.