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Household Packing Service

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Some people don't have time to pack up for their move. For others, it is more cost-effective to pay someone to pack while they go to their daily job. Whatever your situation may be, you have to be packed by the big move day, and Box-Go-Round is qualified for the task.

Remember that when using professional packers, the amount of time they take to pack the house is usually much less than the time it would have taken the owner of the possessions to pack them. The reason behind this is that we don't have a sentimental or nostalgic attachment to the items being packed. We see it as a job that needs to be done well, and done quickly. We aren't there to look at your pictures, reminisce about old favorite books, or figure out what needs to be thrown out. After we arrive at your house, we take a walk-through of the house with you, and then we simply start packing. Our goal is to make sure that everything gets packed quickly and safely, without any likelihood of your things breaking under normal moving conditions.

Box-Go-Round offers full packing service at $50/hour/packer, plus the cost of the supplies, plus a travel charge equal to $1.00 per mile between your location and our warehouse. The travel mileage will be figured according to Google Maps. The time for the job starts when we arrive at your place, and ends when we leave. The mileage charge will be waived if the box delivery and the packing occur on the same trip to your house. The company founder and owner, Andrew Sengler, personally performs the labor for the packing, along with a trained, qualified packing assistant (if two packers are needed).

Full-House Packing

packed moving boxesA three or four bedroom house will typically take three good packers between 8 and 12 hours to pack. An average two-bedroom apartment would typically take two or three packers between 2 and 4 hours to pack. The biggest variations come from 1) over-stuffed garages, 2) heavily stocked kitchens and china cabinets, and 3) an inordinate amount of artwork or pictures.

It is best to schedule the packing service for the day before your move, unless it is a very large or very full house. Large or extremely full homes should be given 2 days to get fully packed, just to play it safe.

Just the Kitchen

Because of the substantial costs associated with full house packing, customers often request that we only pack the kitchen and/or the china. Kitchens and china require the most expertise to pack correctly, and rest-assured, we've got that expertise. Kitchen & china packing usually ranges from 2 to 6 hours with one packer, and will require anywhere from 25 lbs to 75 lbs of packing paper, and 2 to 10 Dish Pack boxes.



Because we do not actually move the boxes after they are packed, we do not offer any liability coverage on the packed items after we leave your house. However, if we break anything while we are packing, we will pay up to $100 per broken item for its repair or replacement. Please note that to-date, the only things we have ever broken while packing are a $5.00 candle and a free glass that a customer got from an airport lounge. With 5 years of packing experience and only 2 things broken, you can tell that we are extremely careful!